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Tips for Safeguarding Privacy

  • If you get up from your computer, lock it!  Don't give determined snoops or random passersby easy access to everything on your computer.
  • Beware of shoulder surfers.  Be aware of your surroundings.  It is relatively easy for someone to snoop over your shoulder when you are typing your password or accessing private data.  This is especially dangerous in public areas such as in airports or on trains and planes, but curious co-workers also can have opportunties to view data that they shouldn't.  Consider using a filter on your desktop display or laptop screen.
  • Log off when you are done using a web site or application.  If you just close the window, someone may be able to open the site back up again and access your personal information.
  • Avoid the installation of spyware on your computer.  Spyware is software designed to display advertisements (adware) or track personal or sensitive data on your computer or in your online activities, without your knowledge or consent.  When you install something on your computer, beware of add-ons (extra software that you didn't ask for or need), and be sure to carefully read all the disclosures, including the license agreement and privacy statement.  Install a spyware removal tool.
  • Think twice before you post ANY personal information online.  Bad guys follow social media too!  The more you share information, the more exposed you are. 
  • Don't store sensitive or restricted data unencrypted  on any laptop, portable device, or removable media.  If your device is lost or stolen, any data that is unencrypted is freely accessible and available to anyone who has access to the device.