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Instant Messaging

JHIM Installation

There are two main methods to use JHIM: via installed client or via web client.

Installation instructions for PC and Mac users are detailed below.

To access JHIM via the Office Communicator web client, click here, or go to:

PC Users

1. Obtain the License

The use of JHIM requires a Microsoft Lync Client Access License. Faculty and staff that participate in the Microsoft campus license agreement (MEEC) do not have to purchase additional licenses. If you are covered under the MEEC agreement, please click here to request account activation. Those who need to purchase a license may do so through SPARS.

2. Install the Client

Client Technology Solutions customers should contact their LAN Administrator for information and assistance with client software.

If you DO have a LAN Administrator: After obtaining a license, contact your LAN Administrator so the Lync client can be properly installed on your computer. If your computer is part of a managed computer environment, automated methods for installing the client may be used.

If you DO NOT have a LAN Administrator: After obtaining a license, click here to download the latest Microsoft Lync client for Windows.

** NOTE: This is a silent installation and will require you to close Outlook. **

Once you've installed the client, please wait 10 minutes and then look for the application under Start > All Programs.

Mac Users

1. Request Account Activation

To use JHIM, you will need an account. To request one, please click here.

2. Install the Client

To download the latest Microsoft Lync client for Mac, click here.