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Document Management (EDMS)

Brief Description

The Document Management System is an application of EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) that was created to capture, index/store, and retrieve all documentation. This system has been implemented and is in use in the following areas: Adult ED, Peds ED, Wilmer ED, Medical Services Administration, Patient Financial Services, Operations Integration, Facilities Design and Construction, HITS Finance, Medical HIV Research, Pharmacy, Adult Cardiology, Peds Cardiology, Pediatrics, Otolaryngology, Neurosciences, Orthopaedic, Urology, Outpatient Surgery, JHOC First Floor Registrations.

Latest Accomplishments - May 2010

New Development:

  • Captiva bar code indexing and work flow full deployment software costs determined and pilot virtual server costs.  Pilot area will be Pain Treatment with a planned 3 year deployment across the enterprise.

Amalga->EDMS Interface and POE -> EDMS Interface:

  • Testing completed for POE Interface.  Production go-live on 8/17.

Screen Scrapes for Keane EZ ADT:

  • EDMS package successfully installed on several work stations and will be deployed to admitting trainer work stations for testing in June.
Training and Roll-out:
  • Training completed for Home Care and additional training scheduled in June for International.
  • Training and deployment in SOM Ortho.
  • Transition of training to JHOC admin scheduled for 6/1, postponed until scanners delivered and installed.
Applications Maintenance:
  • Training scheduled three days for two team members that will serve as system administrators for the AutoStore/Smart Ticket bar coding and document routing workflow application purchased by Fundraising.  Expectation potion requires 1/4 FTE to support.
  • BMC Remittance FTP's converted to SFTP's.
  • Process underway to purchase a fifth server that will serve as a backup to the 4 servers in production.

Technical Issues:

  • Drive replaced on 5/12 and reached capacity in 34 days replacing prior drive that reached capacity in 30 days.  Any spike in average daily consumption beyond 15GB continues to be attributed to replacement or reimaging of devices.  Setting changes are made by team to devices after creators of large documents are identified.
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