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Electronic Bed Board (EBB)

Brief Description

The Electronic Bed Board (EBB) Application is a tool that is used in all inpatient nursing units to keep track of patients in beds, the status of each bed, and the availability of beds. The use of color-coding in the application allows the user, at a quick glance, to see the status (empty, dirty, arrived, isolation, pending admit, pending transfer, pending discharge, discharge for death, closed, out of service, etc.) of each bed and bed availability throughout the hospital. The SMS ADT system sends HL7 admit records to the EBB. Once the patient has arrived in EBB, the unit clerk controls the movement of the patient by performing transfers, discharges and patient updates on each patient.  The unit clerk updates bed status for each bed as needed.  The EBB application currently uses a terminal emulator control to perform these transactions in the SMS ADT system.

A new system called the Electronic Whiteboard is currently being piloted in the PICU. This software/hardware combination connects to the EBB database and displays Bed, Patient, Doctor and Nurse information on a large scrolling touch-display. Basic changes can be made quickly by the providers. The EBB team is working closely with decision makers in the hospital to improve this application for release into more units in the hospital.

The EBB team is wrapping the final changcs for the new EZ/ADT release.  Downtime procedures are being considered and several new data fields are being added.  Additionally, some of the SMS reports currently being sent to the RDS system are being rewritten and will be sent from EBB instead of EZ/ADT.

Technical specifications for rewriting EBB as a web application are currently being developed.  The Patient Assignment System (PAS) will be integrated into EBBWEB and the use of predictive modeling to help determine patient flow is also being considered.

Latest Accomplishments - March 2010

  • Interface testing between EZ/ADT and EBB continues.
  • EBB is successfully generating HL7 messages for transfer, discharge, and cancel discharge processing in support of the EZ/ADT project.
  • This development will replace the cut and paste currently done between EBB and SMS.

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