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Johns Hopkins Home Care Group

Brief Description

HBS - HBS is the pharmacy software that monitory and controls drug quantities, patient data and prescription information for Johns Hopkins Home Care. 


Horizon -

TIMS (Total Information Managment System) Home Medical Equipment Applicaton - Functions primarily include order processing, rental and inventory tracking, medical billing and reimbursement.

Latest Accomplishments - May 2010


  • Currently still testing\implementing the HomecareNet mobile product which is a program that allows our nurses to enter their visit notes while in the field in the patient's house.


  • Upgrade of decision support system part of Horizon Software for HHS.  Continue testing and training.


  • Medicare Oxygen Programming Update - Coompleted September 2009.
  • New Notes System - Testing and training completed.  Data conversion scheduled for 11/2/09 with plans to go live on Monday 11/23/2009.
  • Planing stages for implementation of TIMS V4.0 software update - Beginning December 2009.
Horizon -

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