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Brief Description

The software provides an automated solution to the manual system of staff scheduling, payroll preparation, and personnel management throughout all nursing units, as well as ACCM, Radiology, Pathology and Psychiatry non-nursing units.  This system allows clinicians and administrative staff to automate these functions into an integrated workforce management tool.  This system provides a mechanism to generate consistent unit-level data which can be aggregated to hospital-level information and assist with decision-making.  Routine administrative tasks such as producing staff schedules, time and attendance, credential tracking, and meeting daily skill mix requirements are streamlined using this system.

The Nightingale tools include:

  1. IntraGale a web based access module for staff
  2. ShiftMaker for prospective scheduling and payroll
  3. Credential Manager for an educational/credentialing database
  4. CentralStaffer for centralized aggregated reporting of all nursing units
  5. Clockworks Manager for payroll and invoice management
  6. Admin Manager for system administration

Latest Accomplishments - May 2010

  • Continued development of custom reports as requested by senior management.
  • Participating in RSGIII initiative.  Data requirements completed.  Report design completed. Will have an extensive role in the SAP IVA demonstration project to eveluate the BI tools.
  • An interim solution to bi-weekly data requests in development.
  • Custom report requests for Bayview being evaluated.
  • Workflow analysis within the Department of Nursing Administration identified the need for Departmental based servers to house sensitive data and provide data workflow to other internal and external systems - this has been named 'Perspective'.  We plan for the next quarter NDNQI xml submission using 'Perspective'.
  • Coordinating DR plans for an initial 'crawl' test in the Fall.
  • Intrastaff workflow analysis underway.  Go live planned for Fall 2010.
  • Participation in Purchased Services Time and Attendance FY2011 Capital project.
  • Internal Audit report recommendations for invoice reconciliation completed.
  • Focused PACE payroll audit and continuing education completed.
  • NCB transition planning initiated.
  • Magnet data gathering for the Fall submission initiated.
  • Hard stop cap on REG hours being evaluated with HR and KRONOS.
  • DSM upgrade to EPSI interface changes initiated.
  • ESSO applied to terminal application servers.
  • Upgrade to third party printing software completed.
  • Awaiting Lawson release of

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