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Patient Identification System/ QM SPI and PID Replacement

Brief Description

The Patient Identification System assigns HNO (Medical Record Number) and patient's core information, including Patient Name, DOB, Race, Sex, SSN, Mother's Maiden Name, Father's Name, Address, Home/Work Phone Number, Marital Status. The system allows: merging of two HNOs when two different Medical Record Numbers have been assigned to the same person, assigning outpatient visit and modifying patient information.

Latest Accomplishments - June 2010


  • Created PID medical record stack jobs for Keane EZ ADT and Epic related to SPI deployment.
  • Automated the BMC PID medical record stack job.

SPI/QM Rollout for Cut and Paste Replacement - Smart ID Implementation

  • JHCP - IDX
    • Pilot rollout is in production.
    • Worked with trainers for implementation of IDX/QM integration on Citrix.
    • Clean-up needed on IDX data prior to full field rollout.
  • Howard County - Meditech
    • QuadraMed work is compiled on clone database to include HCGH with present JHH data.
    • QuadraMed performed development effort to address network access from HCGH to JHH.
    • Regression testing will be needed prior to SmartID rollout at HCGH.
  • JHH Inpatient - Keane
    • SmartID integration with Keane has been tested.
    • Rollout to occur with Keane go-live.
  • JHH Outpatient - EPIC
    • Documenting functional and technical specs for SmartID Epic implementation.
    • Working with EPIc team to ensure work flow is best for users.
  • Suburban - Meditech
    • Met with HIM director to discuss project scope.
    • Have set up standing Steering Committee meetings. 

SPI - Replacement of PID - PID 20/20

  • Released Web view PID 20/20 to production pilot group.
  • Integrating Development of PID 20/20 with HL7 messages.
  • Working on database load from PID data.

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