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Rehabilitaion Medicine MedLinks

Brief Description

MediLinks is a clinical point of care, documentation and billing system vendor application from MediServe Systems. Clinical documentation and billing is done within the application by therapists using mobile devices in inpatient and outpatient locations. There are inbound HL7 interfaces from IP and OP registration systems and transmittal of charting notes to EPR and billing file to Keane from MediLinks. MediLinks will replace the mainframe Rehab Medicine system after complete roll-out. Phase 1 of MediLinks was implemented in May 07 in three OP clinics and Meyer 7-9 IP units.  Phase 2A implemented in January 09 in IP acute care areas, Greenspring and JHOC.  The final implementation stage (Phase 2B) scheduled for deployment in June 2009 and the areas are Psych and Center for Inpatient Rehabilitation.

Accomplishments - May 2010

  • Final 2 Phase 2 reports (Vol by IDC9 and GSS Procedures by Discipline) under review by Rehab.  Changes/corrections to other reports completed.
  • Approximately 1.3% of charting lost from the data base due to a data archiving job running before data pruning job.  Problem specific to SP7 which was installed in April 08 and is impacting other MediServe customers including Bayview.  Recovery process underway which includes validation of recovered charting loaded to test environment.
  • Testing to validate application works under new Citrix servers.

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