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Endoscopy Management System: EndoPro, Motion Picture Studio, and Doc-U-Scribe


This medical procedure documentation and image management software is used by the Adult and Pediatric Gastroenterology departments as well as the Adult Pulmonology department to capture still images and videos from endoscopic procedures. During the endoscopic procedure, high resolution images received from medical imaging devices are captured by EndoPro, stored, and subsequently documented by the attending physician. Annotation functions and video editing integrated into the software allow for concise image and procedure documentation. Procedure reports with embedded images in a PDF document are produced as a result of physician findings, coupled with patient information received from an automated interface with the operating room scheduling system (ORMIS). In addition, EndoPro facilitates accurate physician professional fee charge capture by interfacing with downstream billing systems.

Clinical Leaders

Dr. Anthony Kalloo
Dr. Jonathan Orens

Administrative Leader

Sarah Disney

Technical Leaders

Paula Fazio, Walt Shaw

Current Status

Fully installed in departments listed above; the next upgrade will include ICD10 and direct interfacing with Epic.