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Audio & Web Conferencing

The webconferencing tools below allow connection on a PC or Mac through a web browser and internet connection. End users will need a webcam for video and microphone and headset installed on their computer to take full advantage of features. Audioconferencing over regular phone lines can work with these tools. Each webconferencing product has its own interface and takes some level of training and use to understand. These tools are intended for use by individuals sitting at a PC.


Johns Hopkins Telecommunications has a contract with Verizon to provide webconferencing options. Verizon offers WebEx and Microsoft LiveMeeting. Audioconferencing is also available through this Verizon contract. Verizon has stated they are able to handle any number of users in case of a pandemic.
Per-minute rates are the same for both at $0.18 per minute per participant.  They also offer a Microsoft LiveMeeting per-seat option if you use LiveMeeting frequently and for long periods of time. The LiveMeeting Pro per seat option costs about $191 per seat per month for 5-10 seats, $142 per seat per month for 11-50 seats.
David Crouch, JH Telecommunications, can set-up an account for you.  He will need the conference leader name, phone, e-mail, physical address, and SAP IO or CC where usage can be billed.

Other Options


Akamai Video Streaming