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External Collaboration

JHBox welcomes external users! One of the best features about having a JHBox account is the ability to invite anyone to collaborate. They don't have to be on campus or even have an existing Box account of their own.

Use the following practices to get the best experience for collaborating with external users in JHBox.

For JHBox users inviting external collaborators

TIP: For easiest access, ask your collaborators to set up their Box account before you invite them. Send your collaborators a link to this document so that they know what to expect and how to work with your JHBox content.

Working with External collaborators

Once you are collaborating in Box, working together is no different from working with people at Johns Hopkins.

  • Content in the shared account folder is subject to the features of JHBox, so even users with free personal accounts will have the advantages of larger quotas and file size, as well as other features enjoyed by JHBox accounts.


All collaboration in JHBox is done at the folder level.

  • When inviting external users to collaborate on a folder, use the email address your collaborators used to set up their Box accounts.
  • Sharing the People in your company links with external users:
    • All shared link access settings allow collaborators in the folder access. Therefore, if you create a shared link accessible by People in your company, your external collaborators will have access via this link, even though they are not JHBox users.
    • If an external user is not a collaborator on the folder, they will not be able to access the content.

For the external collaborator

Get a free Box account and share your account info with your Johns Hopkins collaborators

  • You are ahead of the game if you already have a Box account.
  • If you do not have a Box account, get one for free.

When you receive an invitation to collaborate, follow the link in the email to access the shared folder

  • Your invitation to collaborate will come from Box.
    • If your invitation to collaborate was sent to an email address affiliated with your existing Box account, you will find the shared folder in that account.
    • If the invitation was sent to an email address NOT affiliated with an existing Box account, you will be prompted to create one. Only create a new Box account if you do not have an existing account. Otherwise, ask the Johns Hopkins collaborator to re-send the invitation to the email address affiliated with your existing Box account.

Work in Box

  • Working in a JHBOx folder gives you the advantages of our enterprise. For example:
    • The content in a shared folder impacts the quota of the folder owner only, not collaborators' quotas.
    • Other Box limits, such as maximum file size, are dictated by the rules of the folder owner's Box account.