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Best Practices for Internal Collaboration

Your JHBox account uses JHEDID@JH.EDU as your primary email account. All users that have activated their account will appear by name in the search box when inviting collaborators. If a user has not yet activated their account, they will not be visible when searching for collaborators. We recommend that you encourage potential collaborators to enable their JHBox account prior to inviting them to collaborate.

Enabling your JHBox Account

  1. Log into the myJH Portal, with your JHED ID and password
  2. Go to the Cloud appls quick link and select JHBox
  3. Once you have accepted the Terms of Service, you can begin using JHBox

Inviting Collaborators

  1. Create a specific folder for the user or group of users that you wish to collaborate
  2. Invite people
  3. Search for users by name or enter their JHEDID@JH.EDU email address.  Select their level of permissions (NOTE: If a user doesn't appear by name, they have not yet activated their box account)
  4. Send invitation