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Navigating in Box

Use these features to navigate through your Box account:

  • Folder tree: Clicking Jump to Folder on the upper left opens a clickable folder tree.
  • Search: Use the search bar at the top of your screen to search folder and file names, as well as the text of most common files types.
    • Filter: You can filter search returns to further refine your results by using the filtering buttons at the top of the page. Click the + (plus sign) to display additional filter options (date, content, size, and owner), and follow the resulting prompts to continue to refine your search.
    • Bookmark: To save a search, copy the web address of the search, and then navigate to the folder in Box where you would like to save the search. Once there, from the New drop-down list, select New Bookmark. Paste the address in the "Address of page/content" field. Enter a name and description if you wish, and click Okay.
  • Recently updated: Click the world icon on the top toolbar for a list of recently updated files. Filter your display by hovering over the highlighted term next to "Recent updates" on the upper left and making a selection.

Uploading Content

Click Upload on the upper right.

Note: If you are already viewing a file in Box, you will be prompted to upload a new version of the file instead of choosing a new upload option.

  • Select Upload Files to upload a relatively small number of files.
  • Select Upload Folders to upload one or more folders, or a large number of files. (Java is required for this option.)

The maximum file size for uploading an individual file is 10 GB. 

Note: You should not upload more than one file larger than 5 GB at a time. When uploading a file larger than 5 GB:

  • A business-class Internet connection with upload and download speeds of 50 Mbps is required; a 10 GB file will take around 30 minutes to upload).
  • Internet Explorer 10 has a limit of 4 GB per file. For IE 9, 8, or 7, if the Flash plug-in is installed, the file size limit is 2 GB. These limits do not apply if you are using the Upload Folders option.

Naming Folders

Since you may end up with many collaboration folders, establishing a naming convention with your collaborators will help differentiate and organize your folders.