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Welcome to JShare, a web-based utility intended to provide students, faculty, and staff with a personal, easy-to-use interface to upload, download, and share files to both users inside and outside of the Institution.

Some features of JShare include, but are not limited to:

  • NEW! 5 gigabyte of file storage space for all Faculty Members, Students and Staff
  • Secure file access from anywhere at any time
  • Advanced collaboration and document management
  • File sharing ability both inside and outside the Institution
  • Ability to email files as links to reduce the load on email systems
  • Ability to create and maintain personal web sites

Getting Started

JShare is available to all Johns Hopkins students, faculty, and staff.  In order to log into JShare, you will need to login to the myJH Portal and accept the terms and conditions.  If you do not accept the disclaimer, you are waiving your right to access the system. 

Questions or Comments?  Contact