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Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

SSL Certificate Services with PKI

Johns Hopkins Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enables users and systems to securely and privately exchange data through the use of a public and a private cryptographic key pair that is obtained and shared through a trusted authority. Certificates offered through the Enterprise PKI provides the ease of installing and renewing SSL certificates for users and systems participating in the Enterprise Active Directory (AD). Certificates use for smartcards and other forms of certificate-based authentication and the need for other intended purposes for digital certificates are recommended for this certificate service. With the use of AD group policy, certificate can be automatically installed and renewed on systems in the Enterprise AD.

What Certificates are supported?

Certificate templates are used in the Enterprise PKI to define format and content of certificates, the enrollment process (including which users/computers are allowed to enroll for which certificate types), etc. The certificate template makes it easy for users to get certificates for the purposes that fit their need. More info on certificate templates and a list of the default certificate templates offered can be found here:

Johns Hopkins PKI Certificate Enrollment Site

Systems an users participating in the Enterprise AD can easily request and install certificates via the Microsoft Certificates mmc snap-in. Non-windows and non-domain joined systems can request and install certificate from the Enterprise PKI certificate enrollment website:

Contact Information

E-Mail the PKI Team for more information at or contact
Ibrahim Njai at (667) 208-6164 or e-mail at