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Office 365 and IMAP or POP

Microsoft provides extensive documentation on how to configure various e-mail programs using IMAP or POP to access your Office 365 account: .

This web site is excellent and will answer virtually all the questions you may have, but we can provide a few additional tips to help you successfully configure your e-mail program to access your Office 365 account.

Server Settings:

ProtocolServer AddressPort #Authentication


Office 365 User Name or Logon ID:

When configuring an e-mail client to your Office 365 mailbox you will be asked for a User Name or Logon ID and password.  The User Name is your JHEDID@JH.EDU and jhed password. 

For example if your Johns Hopkins JHEDID is jsmith99, your Office 365 User Name is


Here is an example of an E-mail client connecting with IMAP: