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Mailing List Services

Sympa Mailing List FAQs

Q.    How do I request a new mailing list?

A.    Users can access the request for in the myJH Portal under the JHED icon > “Email List Request.” A visual walkthrough is also available here.

Q.   Is the mailing list service free?

A.   Yes, the mailing list service is free of charge to any affiliate (faculty, staff, student) of the Johns Hopkins community.

Q.  How do I send a message to my list?

A.  There are two ways to send a message to your list:

  • Go to, click on the list under “My Lists”, and use the “Post to List” link on the list’s homepage. (NOTE: This method only supports text-formatted messages to be sent to the list. Please use an HTML-enabled email client to send HTML-formatted messages to your list.)

Q.  How do I add additional owners/moderators to my list?

A.  Go to (, click on the list under “My Lists”. In the left-panel, go to List Administration > Edit List Configuration > List Definition. (NOTE: There will be only one (1) new field at a time under the “Owners” and “Moderators” sections. In addition, this is only available to the current owners of a mailing list.)

Q.  What is the differencle between a static and dynamic list?

A.   A static list is manually populated and updated by the list owners. It will be the list owners’ responsibility to maintain the subscribers list. A dynamic list has its subscribers list updated by an external source such as a database.

For additional help and information regarding Sympa, please check out the full Help page: