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Epic Mobile Haiku/Canto Request Form

Epic Haiku & Canto provides a method to view patient information within Epic using Apple iOS and Android devices. Haiku & Canto offers authorized clinical users of Epic’s Electronic Health Record with secure access to clinic schedules, hospital patient lists, health summaries, test results and notes.

What is Haiku? (Smartphone Version)
Haiku (for Apple iOS and Android) gives physicians secure and portable access to patient charts, whether they are in the hallways of the practice, rounding at the hospital or away from work. Functionality includes chart review, patient lists, schedule, search, messaging,dictation and clinical image capture.

What Is Canto? (Tablet Version)
Canto is a tablet-specific application designed for use with the Apple iPad. Canto offers access to Epic charts, messaging and other EMR functions. Physicians can use the dashboard-style front end to check schedules, respond to messages, dictate notes and review lab results from anywhere. Rounding physicians can get up to speed on patients before entering their rooms and dictate notes or send messages immediately after leaving.

What Can Physicians Do with Haiku & Canto?
Epic mobile applications provide several review-oriented features as well as the ability to perform refills, update patient demographic photos and read and act on In Basket messages. There will be no support for dictation or voice recognition at this time. There is also limited imaging functionality in Dermatology.

Currently the Epic Haiku\Canto mobile application is being offered to supplement the primary Epic desktop application. The Epic mobile app should not be used as the primary means to view patient information within Epic. Haiku\Canto application issues, device errors or outages WILL NOT be considered as impacting or affecting patient care.

If you experience any issues while using Haiku\Canto, please contact the Epic Help Desk at (410) 614-3742.

*The Epic Mobile application is available to users with the appropriate Haiku/Canto security*

***By completing the ServiceNow request form link you agree to the terms and conditions set forth by the Epic Application & Security Team.***

Service Now Request Form


**Device models supported are Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Google Android***


Haiku & Canto Educational Material