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ActiveSync Setup

***Starting December 1 2014, You will no longer be required to complete a Exchange ActiveSync request form for mobile email access. Please click on the links below for instructions on how to configure Exchange ActiveSync email on your mobile device or tablet (Apple iOS, Google Android). If your model operating system is not listed, please contact the Help desk 410-955-4357 and submit a ticket.*** 


I. Overview:

ActiveSync provides a method to synchronize handheld devices and Tablets with the Exchange/Outlook system. With the ActiveSync service customers have the ability to synchronize Outlook Email, Calendar, and Contacts with mobile devices. 

***By completing the configuration you agree to the terms and conditions set forth by the Enterprise Messaging Team.***

II. Mobile Security:

Microsoft ActiveSync is used by many mobile devices (such as Windows Mobile, Android , Apple iPhones, & iPads) to access Outlook/Exchange email accounts. It’s suggested to save and backup any documents, pictures, tasks, notes or other information deemed important before implementing ActiveSync. It is also recommended to backup data on an ongoing basis. Enterprise Messaging is not responsible for lost documents, pictures, tasks, notes or other information while using the Hopkins ActiveSync service. 

  • You will be prompted to create a 4-character PIN of your choosing. If you are currently using a PIN on your device you will not be prompted again.
  • The security policy consists of a mandatory 4-character simple PIN, an automatic device deletion procedure that will activate after 10 failed attempts, and a 60-minute idle-time screen lock. 
  • We are NOT prohibiting services such as Roaming, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the use of a camera.
  • We are NOT locking down devices, restricting applications, or disabling any functionality.  
  • Once created, if a customer fails to enter their PIN correctly after 10 consecutive attempts, the mobile device will completely erase all information and will be restored to its factory state.  Going forward, devices will lock if idle after 60 minutes and users will be prompted to enter their PIN. Please contact the Support Center if you forget your PIN. Do not wait until the 10th attempt to ask for assistance. It is suggested to contact Mobility Support after 5 attempts.

Note: The PIN locks the entire mobile device when idle for 60 minutes; not just the Outlook email.


Click Here for Apple iPhone/iPad Setup Instructions 

Click Here for Android Setup Instructions 


III. Lync 2013 for ActiveSync Devices

We are pleased to offer the Lync 2013 client application on IOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices to all of our ActiveSync enabled customers. Lync 2013 offers text based Instant Messaging to other Lync 2013 users in the Johns Hopkins Instant Messaging environment (JHIM). The Johns Hopkins Instant Messaging (JHIM) desktop client offers a secure, internal Instant Messaging solution that can be used to collaborate among people within the Johns Hopkins community. JHIM uses Microsoft's Lync 2013 Server and offers advanced capabilities beyond text-based IM including voice, video, and application sharing. Like most popular IM clients, the Hopkins solution supports "presence detection" which can help determine if people are available through the use of status indicators like "busy", "away" or "online".

Here are some of the key features:

  • Provides more mobility, allowing your to continue to communicate with your co-workers while on the go
  • Provides the same basic functionalitly as Lync 2013 on the PC and laptop
  • Wireless install of the application on the device
  • No additional charge for this service

For specific install/configuation instructions for an IOS device (click here)

For specific install/configuration instructions for an Android device (click here)

If you have an ActiveSync enabled device that is currently setup within our Hopkins enviorment and you have additional questions about Lync 2013 on your device please contact the Help Desk

V. Lync 2013 for Desktop

For those looking to install or use Lync 2013 thru a webpage or desktop client, please visit the Johns Hopkins Instant Messaging Web Site (click here)