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Blackberry Setup

I. General Use Information

A. Device Ordering Information
Johns Hopkins Telcommunications offers a variety of mobile devices through the Telecom webpage. If you are interested in ordering a device or using the Telecom web site, please select the link below:

For more detailed information and access to the device ordering webpage (Click Here)

B. New Device Activation
If you would like to have a new Blackberry device setup and you do not currently have an active account on our Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), please select the link below:

For additional information on Activation and Setup (Click Here)

C. Device Re-Activation
If you require a Re-Activation of your Blackberry device due to replacing your device, upgrading your device, unintentional de-activation, etc., please select the link below:

For additional information on Re-Activation and Setup (Click Here)

D. Device De-Activation
If you would like to request that your BES account be de-activated and removed from the Blackberry server, please select the link below:

De-Activation Request Form (Click Here)

E. Device Cost Center Number Change
If you have changed departments or positions and have a new Cost Center number that needs to be updated for billing purposes, please select the link below:

Cost Center Change Request Form (Click Here)

II. New Activation Request

If you have a supported Blackberry device and decided to activate your device in our managed Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) environment, you will obtain the following features:

  • Near real-time delivery of email messages to the Blackberry with encrypted data transmission
  • Two-way synchronization of email message status information i.e. messages marked as read, unread, or deleted
  • Over-the-air synchronization of Outlook Calendar changes
  • Address book synchronization with Outlook Main Contact List

**This service is provided at a cost of $18.50 per month.


Please use the following checklist to ensure that your device is ready for setup:

  • The device must be setup with a Blackberry Entperprise Server Level Data Plan through your network provider. (a personal data plan or Blackberry Internet Data Plan (BIS) will not work on the BES)
  • You need to have an active Outlook email account
  • If you need onsite support ensure that your LAN Admin has been notified that you will be setting up the device on the BES

Please read throughly and acknowledge the following Support statement before submitting the Request Form.
Support for Outlook integration with Blackberry devices is provided in conjunction with departmental/divisional LAN support personnel. The ability to fulfill this request might vary depending on departmental support of the Blackberry device.

Blackberry Activation Request Form
Fields marked with * are required
i.e. Admin Assistant or LAN Admin
i.e. Supervisor or Department Head who will approve this request
i.e. Blackberry Bold, Tour, Curve, 9930
*If you do not receive an email confirmation please verify ALL required fields are complete & re-submit the form.
** Please Note: Because of the high demand for device activations we must place ALL request in the queue which we process in the order received. Our standard turnaround for new activation request is approximately 5 working days.