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Purchasing Options for Tablets

What to consider when purchasing a Tablet:

-Wifi or 4G LTE ? - The Wi-Fi models of the tablet cost less, but will only work if a Wi-Fi network is available. Wi-Fi will work at most JH sites (using Hopkins wireless), but it may be difficult to connect if you are off-site. The 4G LTE model is recommended for customers who will be using the device on the road.

-(If 4G) AT&T or Verizon? - If you choose a 4G model, you must choose a carrier at purchase time. No contract is required, but you will only be able to purchase service from the chosen carrier. The choice of carrier largely depends on coverage and customer/departmental preference, but the "Personal Hotspot" feature (which allows other devices to use the Tablets 4G connection over Wi-Fi)

-Storage Size: 16, 32 or 64gb - This determines the amount of content (Apps, docs, photos, videos, music, etc) the customer will be able to store on the device. For most business uses, 16gb will be sufficient, but users with more data might consider the 32 or 64.

-Color: Black or White - All Tablet models are available with either a black or white bezel around the display. This is largely a matter of personal preference, but the white version tends to smudge and show wear and tear a little faster.

-Tablet Accessories - While a wide range of accessories are available, a few really make a big difference. The VGA adapter is HIGHLY recommended for customers who intend to present with the device. The Camera Connection Kit provides compatibility with multiple formats of camera memory card. The magnetic "Smart Cover" is also popular, as it provides decent protection for the screen, and can be combined with a variety of cases.

-3rd party cases/sleeves - Even with a Smart Cover, a hard/silicon case or soft sleeve is highly recommended for added protection. This is highly subject to the preference of the customer/department, but the Hopkins Technology Store carries a good selection in a range of styles. JH vendor Govconnection also carries many cases.

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