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  • AMR A & B Residents - We upgraded the wireless in your Dorm rooms by installing a new wireless device in every room.  For Wired and Wireless Connectivity in these buildings, please check out this one page document: AMR A & B Network Connectivity
  • JHU Technology Center  - Technical Assistance and the Tech Store (previously in Krieger 160) are in one location in the Garland Hall Basement.  Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm


Anti-Virus/Endpoint Protection / Device Security


  • If you have old and/or outdated Anti-Virus Software on your system, it is Strongly Advised that All JHU Students, Faculty, and Staff Remove Old Antivirus Software, and Install one of the alternative software products provided on the IT@JH Security Antivirus / Endpoint Protection Downloads webpage.  

    For more information and instructions, Please visit the ResNet 'Antivirus' webpage; or visit the IT@JH Security Antivirus website at:

  • FrontDoor Anti-Theft Laptop Security Software available to JHU Students - 'Protect your laptop, information, music, emails, and pictures with FrontDoor Laptop Loss & Recovery Software for Free' (if you have a valid '' e-mail address).  Please visit for more information.




  • Issues Connecting to Wireless on Android OS (Samsung, HTC, etc.) Phone or Tablet? In Wireless Settings, Set 'Phase 2 authentication' to 'MSCHAPV2', and enter your Hopkins credentials in the appropriate fields.
  • Wireless printers and devices such as the Amazon Echo, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Google Home are not supported on the "hopkins" Wireless Network. For more information on this please click here to visit our Wireless Devices Page.
  • Outside/Exterior Wireless continues to improve around Campus, with many locations already being supported.
  • Wireless SSID/Network "eduroam" - You can connect to this wireless network on our campus, and any other campus worldwide participating in 'eduroam', using your Hopkins credentials.  Please visit the IT@JH 'Wireless' webpage for more information and instructions on connecting to 'eduroam'.



To report a new issue, please visit our Getting More Help / Contact Us page.