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Johns Hopkins Anti-Virus

Johns Hopkins System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP - A Microsoft Product)


On behalf of the Johns Hopkins Institutions, IT@JH offers Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems.  The software is free for any Johns Hopkins student-owned computers that are being used by current students in the Hopkins community, as well as any Hopkins-owned systems.

Note: For personally-owned (non-student, or non-current student) systems, the Endpoint Protection Downloads page offers alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems.

We understand that there are other options available, and that you may possibly be using one of those options for protection; however, it is strongly advised that all current Johns Hopkins students remove any existing anti-virus software, and install SCEP (or one of the alternative software products recommended on the IT@JH Security Anti-Virus / Endpoint Protection Downloads webpage).

If you are a current Hopkins student, or are using a Hopkins-owned system, and would like to install SCEP, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Uninstall Your Current Anti-Virus Software

It is necessary to uninstall/remove the current anti-virus software on your system prior to installing Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection.  Having more than one anti-virus program installed on you computer can cause conflicts and cause both products to perform inadequately.

Removing Current Anti-Virus Software - To remove the current anti-virus program/application/software on your system, perform the following steps:

Windows Operating System:

Step 1: Open the Control Panel, Select ‘Add/Remove program’ or ‘Uninstall a program’

Step 2: Once the program list populates, select the current anti-virus program you have installed, then click ‘Add/Remove’ or ‘Uninstall/change’

Step 3: Once the program has finished uninstalling, close all windows, and reboot your system

  Note: It may be necessary to close/exit the program before uninstalling

Mac OS X:

Step 1: Run the Uninstall Utility for your currently installed anti-virus software (if provided/available)


Step 1: Open the Finder window, select the Application folder (under ‘Places’)

Step 2: Delete All files & folders related to the program - either drag to the Trash bin (on the system icon tray), OR select the application, click the task drop down, and select ‘move to trash’

Step 4: Remove the files from the Trash (empty the trash), and reboot your system.

  Note: It may be necessary to close/exit the program before uninstalling


Step 2: Download Johns Hopkins Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection

Close all open applications before continuing.  Go to the Endpoint Protection Downloads link/webpage below and select the appropriate 'Download' link (choose the correct ownership column, and operating system row).  You will be prompted for your JHED ID and Password to perform the download.

Select 'Open' in the 'What do you want to do with' window after you enter your Hopkins credentials.

Step 3: Install System Center Endpoint Protection

Once the SCEP Install file is downloaded, a window with the SCEP Installer application will open automatically.

Run the Installer Application (i.e. double click the SCEPInstall.exe file) and follow the installation steps.  You will see the installer extract the related files, and install the software on your system.  Once the application is installed you will see a 'System Center Endpoint Protection' window that will direct you through any remaining steps to complete the installation.

Note: If you are prompted by your system to allow the associated 'files to make changes to your computer', please select 'yes' or 'allow' so the installer can continue.

*You will need to reboot your system once the installation is complete.  Please verify the application has installed correctly by opening SCEP and confirming 'Real-time protection' is 'On', and the 'Virus and spyware definitions' are 'Up to date'.


For more information, please visit the IT@JH Security Anti-Virus/Endpoint Protection website at:

For specific details about System Center Endpoint Protection you can visit the Microsoft website at:

Problems? Issues? Questions?

If you are having any problems, issues, or questions please visit our Getting More Help / Contact Us page.