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Game Consoles & Smart TVs

Game Consoles and Smart TVs will only connect to the wired network.  They do not have the appropriate settings to connect to enterprise wireless networks such as the secure 'hopkins' wireless network here at JHU.  You will need to connect your Game Console and/or Smart TV directly to the wired network using an ethernet cable and one of the active data jacks in your room.

  • If you need an ethernet cable, you can obtain one [15' or 25' depending on the length you need] cable for free from the Wolman Housing Office or AMR II Housing Office.  (You do not need to return the cable when moving out)

Once you connect your Concole or Smart TV to the wired network, we will need to register your device before it will have internet access on the wired network.  Please follow the steps below to get your device registered.

Registering / Connecting Your Game Console or Smart TV Directly To The Wired Network:

Please send an email to containing the following information and allow 3 business days for us to respond:

  1. Your Name

  2. Your JHED ID (example: jdoe1, for name John Doe)

  3. Your Phone Number

  4. Your E-mail Address

  5. Your Building and Room Number

  6. The 'Wired/LAN/RJ45' (Not Wireless) MAC Address of your Smart TV or Game Console   (Click here for Instructions to obtain the MAC Address for your Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Apple TV, Smart TV)

NOTE: Nintendo Switch and Wii devices will require a USB-Ethernet adapter to use the wired connection.                   If you need a USB-Ethernet adapter you can purchase one in the JHU Tech Store in the Garland Hall Basement, or online.


Problems? Issues? Questions?

If you are having any problems, issues, or questions please visit our Getting More Help / Contact Us page.