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Wireless Devices

Please understand that this is an Educational Facility, and we strive to provide a robust and secure network for all users.  Not all home-use\personal devices can be supported on an enterprise wireless infrastructure.  Most household/personal devices are only capable of connecting to a network with Pre-Shared Key (PSK)/Passphrase authentication/security.  These networks tend to be much less secure and more susceptible to being hacked, hence the reason we have our current security protocols in place.  Most laptops and tablets do have the necessary requirements to connect.

To connect a computer/tablet to the wireless network, please visit the following site:


Known Incompatible Wireless Devices:

Device:                                                        Connection Solution:

Amazon Fire TV                                              No solution available (at this time)

Apple TV                                                        Use wired network / Visit Game Consoles & Smart TVs webpage

Blue-Ray Player                                              Use wired network

Chromecast                                                    No solution available (at this time)

Game Consoles (PS, XBox, Nintendo)               Use wired network / Visit Game Consoles & Smart TVs webpage

Google TV                                                      Use wired network

Printers                                                          Use USB cable, bluetooth, or wireless direct connection /

                                                                     Visit Wireless Printers webpage

Roku Player                                                    Use wired network

Roku Streaming Stick                                      No solution available (at this time)

Smart TVs                                                     Use wired network / Visit Game Consoles & Smart TVs webpage


We do not allow use of personal routers since they can, and have been proven to, interfere with the enterprise wireless network.  In layman’s terms, devices not managed by Hopkins IT fight for the same air space which causes interference and intermittent connectivity issues.

Most devices have a way of connecting to the wired network, which should be used when possible, using the devices ethernet port, or a USB to Ethernet adapter, and the active data jack in your room.  The device needs to be registered on our network/in JHARS before connecting. 

To register a computer on the wired network, please visit the following webpage: Device Registration

To register a Game Console or Smart TV on the wired network, please visit the following webpage: Game Consoles & Smart TVs


Requirements to connect (minimum system requirements to access the Wireless Residential Network):

To connect to the secure ‘hopkins’ wireless network you must have a device with the following:

  • Wireless network adapter capable of
    • 802.11 a, g, or n
    • 802.1x authentication
    • WPA2-Enterprise, PEAP, with AES 256-bit encryption security
  • Currently supported Operating System with critical updates installed
  • Current and up to date anti-virus/anti-malware endpoint protection software
  • Valid JHED ID and Password

For more information on this, please visit the following site:



Problems? Issues? Questions?

If you are having any problems, issues, or questions, please visit our Getting More Help / Contact Us page.