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Wireless Printers

We do not allow or support wireless printers on any of the Johns Hopkins wireless networks.  They do not have the appropriate settings to connect to enterprise wireless networks such as the secure 'hopkins' wireless network here at JHU.

However, we understand you may need access to your printer during your time here, so please choose one of the following two options to connect your printer to your PC or laptop:

Option 1: Direct Cable Connect

If provided with your printer, use the USB printer cable to connect your printer directly to your PC or laptop.  If you do not have a cable, one can be obtained from the JHU Technology Store in the Garland Hall basement, or an alternative tech store such as Best Buy, or online.  

Note: Please make sure you purchase the correct cable for your specific printer.

This will be the easiest and cheapest way to connect to your printer.

Option 2: Wireless Direct Connect

Many current model printers (such as HP and Brother) offer a 'Wireless or Wi-Fi Direct' network connectivity option, which creates a small wireless network broadcasted from the printer itself.  With this you can connect your laptop or computer to the printers wireless network from the list of available wireless, and print wirelessly.

If you need assistance verifying a printer that offers this option, or setting up a printer with this option, please e-mail


Problems? Issues? Questions?

If you are having any problems, issues, or questions please visit our Getting More Help / Contact Us page.