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Crisis Management Program for Information Services

IT@JH Crisis Management Program for Information Services

Crisis Management is the Enterprise's first response to an event that could change the way business operations are normally conducted. A well-managed approach to such an event will significantly help to ensure employees, customers, partners, investors and the general public's continued confidence in the financial viability of the enterprise.

The information contained in this website serves to draw upon both the distinctions that uniquely serve various business entities as well as the similarities that allow components of the Program to complement each other. Suggesting a framework for developing the various components of the Crisis Management Program ensures that as specific elements of the plan are developed they are  done so in a consistent format with a prescribed level of detailed information.

This website suggests an approach to the development of various components by providing templates, sample forms, industry information, and extracted samples of the JHMCIS/IT@JH Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans....

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