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Telephone Buy Back Program

The Johns Hopkins Telecommunications Department is pleased to announce a telephone  buyback program for  departments who migrate to Lync Telephone Service.  If you have un-needed Avaya 2410 or 2420 telephones which are in good working condition, we will purchase these telephones back from departments: $57 for 2410 telephones and $66 for 2420 telephones.  Please note that we are making this offer for Avaya 2410 and 2420 models which are in good working condition (including a full functioning LED screen).  Any spare phones that have been deployed or stored in operating rooms or biohazard areas should not be included. Phones which are determined not to be in good working condition, will be e-recycled and no credit will be issued. 


If your department would like to sell back qualifying phones, please follow the instructions:

Complete a Telephone Service Request, which can be found at:

  • In the Detailed Information section next to Type of Service Requested, select Telephone Buyback Program from the drop down menu. Complete the form including the quantity of Avaya 2410 and 2420 devices, your contact information and the departmental cost center or internal order that should receive the telephone credit.
  • When you submit the TSR, a TSR number will be provided on the screen.  It is important that you note this TSR number.     We suggest that you  print the screen as confirmation.  The TSR number will be our means of tracking your equipment to generate credit back to the appropriate department. 
  • Bring the phones, along with the TSR tracking number to B101 Hurd Hall during the hours of 7 AM to 2:45 PM, Monday thru Friday.  If you have multiple telephones, please place them in a box to ensure that your phones remain together.     *  Note: B101 Hurd Hall is the same location as the Pager Administration Office.
  • Credit for the phones will be processed when the Telecommunications Department staff has had the opportunity to inventory and validate the working condition of each phone.  You will receive an email which indicates the credit amount that will be processed, along with a timeframe for when that credit will be processed through SAP. 

 If you have any questions, please contact Sachet Waters at 410-955-8572.