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Departmental Web Sites

The Enterprise Web Services group provides web site hosting services for divisions and departments affiliated with Johns Hopkins. 

Software Availability & Limitations

Johns Hopkins offers the following software:

  • Apace w/ PHP
  • Nginx w/ PHP
  • WordPress (Runs on Apache w/ PHP)
  • Passenger - Ruby 2.3 (Runs on Apache w/ PHP)
  • MySQL Database (Just a database, not a DB server)
  • Microsoft SQL Database (Just a database, not a DB Server)

Unless otherwise requested, a Wordpress website will be provided by default. No other software changes will be made available without a contract service.

All containers are limited to 128MB of memory usage.

Production and Test Environments

Each website is allotted a production and test environment. The production environment is where the publicly accessible website resides. The test environment is where an internally accessible website resides (internal meaning inside the Hopkins network).

It is the intent of Enterprise Web Services, that the customer perform all changes, updates, etc, to the test environment before applying them to the production environment. This includes updates to Wordpress version, plugins, themes, content, code changes, etc.

In order to access the test environment, you will need to reside within the Hopkins network - this means your computer must be on-campus or connect to VPN ( You must have a Johns Hopkins Enterprise  Directory ID (JHED) to connect using VPN. If you do not, please contact to assist in getting this setup.

In order to access the test environment website, simply add ".test" to the end of your site's production URL. For example:

Production URL:

Test URL:

If your site is new, then you will have to setup this site with the same data as the production website. If your site has been migrated, a copy of your production website will be placed into the test environment.

In order to migrate a complete website from test into production, you may use a Wordpress plugin to perform a backup and restore (or migration). Enterprise Web Services will not perform any website copying or migrations - this is the responsibility of the website administrator

File Access

File access to the website's file directory is accessible using Windows, Mac, or Linux. Access to files using FTP, SFTP, WebDav is NOT PERMITTED.

File access is not permitted by default. If you require file access, please submit your request to

Be sure that you are connected to the Johns Hopkins network before you attempt to access your files.


  1. Open Windows Explorer (same as opening Documents, Downloads, or Pictures)
  2. Copy and paste this into the location bar: \\\ewsdocker$\(will be provided per site)
  3. If you are prompted for a username and password, please use WIN\JHEDID


  1. Open Finder
  2. Go to Go > Connect Server OR press Command + K
  3. In the Server field, copy and paste: cifs://$/(will be provided per site)
  4. If you are prompted for a username (enter as "WIN\JHEDID") and password, enter your normal JH credentials


Any questions, concerns, or issues about your website can be emailed to for the quickest response. You may also contact the Help Desk.