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Courtesy Instructions for Dreamweaver 8

Enterprise Web Services does not officially support end-user software such as Dreamweaver. These instructions are provided as a courtesy only. For supported methods, please return to and select the operating-system instructions specific to your computer. Different versions of Dreamweaver behave differently. Please read these instructions carefully.

Note: If you connect from the Internet (i.e. from Comcast or other ISP), you must first connect to the JH VPN (JHPulse). Information about the VPN is at

In the instructions below, don't forget to substitute your actual JHED ID with "JHEDID."

  1. Open DreamWeaver (be sure the version of DreamWeaver being used supports secure WebDav - not all versions do).
  2. Go to “Site”
  3. Either Select “New Site” or Manage Site
  4. Go to the “Advanced” Tab
  5. Enter your Local Information first.
  6. Select the Remote Access on the left hand side
  7. Use the following Remote Settings
    1. Access: WebDav
    2. URL: <-- substitute your actual JHED ID for "JHEDID" Other versions of Dreamweaver may behave different. For example, Dreamweaver CS3 requires the full path the the individual site ( - this is just an example - actual server path will be dependent on what hosting server hosts your site:
    3. Username: JHEDID <-- again, use your actual JHED ID, not "JHEDID"
    4. Password: your JHED Password
  8. Test your connection settings
  9. If successful, select Finish
  10. If not, make sure that you are using your current JHED password. If you have not updated you JHED password in the last 6 months, please go to and change/update your password.