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Windows Vista

Vista Compatibility Update: Microsoft seems to have written the Windows WebDAV client to work specifically with Microsoft server products and WebDAV functionality with non-MS servers is beyond Microsoft's support (see for a comment by a Microsoft engineer). This may cause some unexpected behavior and/or errors (locked files for example). If you have problems, please contact and include details of the problem (what you are doing, error messages, etc).

Note: If you connect from the Internet (i.e. from Comcast or other ISP), you must first connect to the JH VPN (JHPulse). Information about the VPN is at

Windows Explorer Instructions:

  1. 1. Make sure your sytem has all critical updates from Windows Update. You will also need to apply a WebDAV ("web folders") specfic patch that can be found at
  2. Click the Windows/Start button
  3. In the search box at the bottom type "run" and press the enter key. The "Run" dialog box should appear.
  4. in the Run dialog box type: net use * \\\your-jhed-id
  5. Example, someone with JHED ID jdoe14 would type net use * \\\jdoe14
  6. It may be difficult to tell, but there is a space after the asterisk.
  7. A command prompt window will open and ask for your JHED ID and password.

If you want to assign a specific drive letter, replace with asterisk with the drive letter followed by a colon. For example, if you want to assign the drive letter 'w' to your webdav connection the command would be net use w: \\\your-jhed-id