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Windows XP

Note: If you connect from the Internet (i.e. from Comcast or other ISP), you must first connect to the JH VPN (JHPulse). Information about the VPN is at

  1. Double-click “My Network Places” You can find this on the desktop if you have it set to "classic start menu"or if you use the default start menu, you can find it at START --> My Computer and you'll find it in the list on the left under "Other Places."
  2. On the left click “Add a network place”
  3. Click “next” on the wizard that should pop up
  4. Select “choose another network location” and click “next”
  5. In the field “Internet or network address” enter where “your-JHED-id” is your JHED account name and click “next”
  6. Enter your JHED credentials in the pop-up
  7. Enter a name you want to call the connection and click “next”
  8. Click finish

You should now have a window open that lists the servers to which you have access via WebDAV. In the folders should be the sites to which you have access.